Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zaggora Hot Pants

This post is dedicated to those who are eager to lose inches by doing healthy activities. Last month I have entered a contest on a UK based company's Facebook. The company sells sports shorts, pants and jackets. What is unique about the products is the material. It called Neoprene. A material that respond to your body heat. The more exercise you do, the more you sweat. Actually, double or triple than you exercise in a normal apparel. Haaa sounds interesting right? The contest is very simple. You design the hot pants as you like, the colour, the logo, the stitch etc. Then submit it. They pick the winners EVERY HOUR! So, how the hell did I win? Well the company is in UK so me and my best buddy Shafikkha submit as many entries as we can in that particular hour, exactly 4 pm (it probably sleeping time in the UK) then we won!! Both of us. So Kakpah is very happy. Win a pair of RM200++ prize from the UK.

Okay my friends are like "You are skinny why you need to slim down?" thingy. To be honest yes I am slender. I am 46kg with 5 feet and 1/2 inch tall. But I have a very small frame. Small shoulder, small upper body. But my lower body is kinda not match the upper body. I am an A type figure. Yeah you heard it right, like a cone. On the side of the highway. So I need to lose a little bit of my tummy and a couple of inches of my sexy back. Yeah. I am not the type that buy expensive food replacement for slimming down. I have dedication to lose weight in a healthy way, natural way - the exercise. I love jogging, walking and going on my Takasima bike. So this pants are my kinda thing. 

My Nude Hot Pants are ready for tomorrow's activities

I love this kinda very generous company. Zaggora already given 475 free Nude Hot Pants over the contest period. It is a very good way of advertising. Let normal people use it for themselves then post all the testimonials on their page. I am currently on a 2 weeks challenge to lose those inches to win another prize from them. Very generous right? The first day I jog wearing those Hot Pants, I felt the waterfall sweats. Yeah, you sweat like hell. It will literally wet your underpants. Extra calories BURN!! The challenge is to wear the Hot Pants 30 minutes every day for 2 weeks doing exercise. Okay I will update my results when the 2 weeks end. If you are like me who wants to slim down by doing healthy activities, you can order a pair of these Hot Pants from Zaggora and I promise you won't regret it. Worth the money. 

For more info do visit Zaggora's official website or Facebook for more contests.